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Best French Red Wines – Standard Gift Box

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This beautiful wine tube gift box includes three Premium Bordeaux French wines from prestigious French Chateaux with magnificent terroirs. The wines included are from Chateau l’Engarran, Chateau de Saint Martin and Chateau du Taillan

1 x 100ml Chateau de L’Engarran – Languedoc Roussillon (Red Wine)
1 x 100ml Chateau de Saint Martin – Bordeaux (Red Wine)
1 x 100ml Chateau du Taillan – Bordeaux (Red Wine)

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This stunning wine gift box contains 3 x 100ml French red wines from some of the most prestigious wine estates in the Bordeaux region of France.  The first tasting is Château du Taillan which is  small property in the Bordeaux region. The second wine in this wine tasting box is the Château de Saint-Martin which is part of an ancient wine growing estate in Bordeaux. A beautiful Cru Classé red wine. The last tasting that you will enjoy will be  the Château de L’Engarran which is grown in one of the best soils in the Languedoc-Roussillon region as it consists of sand, clay, gravel dirt iron and limestone. The gift box is made of black high quality corrugated cardboard to protect the wines inside.


Château du Taillan


Chateau du Taillan - Haut Medoc Cru Bourgeois - Red Wine in TubeThis red wine is produced from a blend of grape varieties typical to the Bordeaux area: Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine-making process takes place in stainless steel vats in which we control  the fermentation and ensure a strict temperature control.  Château du Taillan has been a Cru Bourgeois from Haut Médoc since 1932. A beautiful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon which brings red fruits aromas, Merlot roundness close to the velvet and Cabernet Franc smoothness and spicy nuances from Bordeaux: . This charming red wine is aged in barrels for about 18 months, during that time it acquires vanilla oak notes, balance and flexibility make it a tasty wine. This red wine WIT Bottlee contains 13.5% Alc/Vol.



Château du Taillan is a family-run estate. Nowadays, the current owners are 5 sisters. They are the 5th generation of the long established Cruse family, who has owned the property since it was acquired by Henri Cruse in 1896. Situated at the gateway of the Médoc area, Château du Taillan is one of the most attractive vineyards in Gironde. 



– Gold Medal at Concours of Paris 2014

– Silver Medal at Concours of Bordeaux 2014

Chateau de Saint-Martin Grande Reserve Cru Classe Cotes de Provence Cabernet Sauvignon Grenache Syrah and Mourvedre Red Wine in Tube

Château de Saint-Martin – Cuvée Grande Réserve Cru Classé

Chateau de Saint Martin - Grande Reserve Cru ClasseTeasing your eye with its dark robe underlined by ruby sheens, the Grande Reserve red of Chateau de Saint Martin will engulf you in a farandole of fragrances and aromas ranging from blackcurrants to cocoa layered with hints of liquorice.

The complex, round mouth opens subtlety on black fruits and has a long balanced finish of black pepper and blackberries.

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre

Food and wine pairing: This full bodied wine will be best enjoyed with grilled noble cuts of beef, Traditional country French cooking, venison in sauce.
Chateau de Engarran Cuvee Cecile Red Wine - Languedoc-Roussillon - Drink in Tube Australia Product

Chateau de l’Engarran Cuvee Cecile  – Languedoc-Roussillon

Chateau de l'Engarran Cuvee Cecile Red WineSituated in the peripheries of Montpellier, Languedoc Roussillon region, Chateau L’Engarran, nestled in a 50 hectares estate produces wine under the AOC Coteaux du Languedoc and the AOC vins du pays d’OC. Chateau L’Engaran has been the property of the BERTRAND family for 5 generations. Today Diane and Constance do more than maintaining the family heritage and traditions.

Through wines like the cuvee Quetton St Georges and the cuvee Sainte Cecile they invite you to discover all the authenticity and the charm of the Languedoc Roussillon region. This Chateau de l’Engarran Coteaux du Languedoc Cuvee Sainte-Cecile, Appellation Languedoc Controlee red wine in tube has 13.5% vol Alc.

Variety Blend: Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault.

Food and wine pairing: Tapas, Grilled meat or fish or just by the glass.


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